Six Years

One glorious summer evening, near a beautiful lake, and in the company of a few close friends, we exchanged our wedding vows. We were full of hope and joy, picturing a future filled with happy wonder.

Six years have passed, and much of that time has been spent dealing with medical, developmental, and financial issues we never imagined. We haven’t had a vacation. We haven’t really had a break. And even tonight, our anniversary, we were unable to swing a babysitter and get out for a special dinner, just the two of us.

And yet…

As I sit here, six years later, I realize I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have each other, and we have our little family. And despite all that’s gone awry, each day is remarkable and beautiful, and I have no doubt the future will amaze us.

Happy Anniversary, Love.


  1. I was considering posting an ad today that I’m available for babysitting, temporarily during the days & eves Monday through Friday, on our neighborhood blog. I’m sorry I didn’t, but, it’s neither here or there. I’m glad you’re enjoying your day!

    Happy Anniversary you two and Congratulations on six years! M and C must feel very lucky to have two very loving parents!

  2. Happy Everything! Your family is very very lucky. Love surrounds you all day everyday despite the ups and downs. Here’s to many more six years together with happiness and love surrounding all of you.