“My body is not my own”

C sleeping with M

C gets up every night, 2-4 am, stimming, and comes into our bed. My wife is often able to calm him, which usually takes an hour or so. I trundle off to the boys’ room to get what sleep is left to be had.

Monday night C was even more out of control than usual. I ended up taking him to the living room around 3 am because his whirling dervishness resulted in several accidental kicks to my wife’s head.

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Prime people

Theater brochure

Here’s a guest post from my wife, related to last week’s Prime time post.

I was with C at an autism-friendly screening of The Lion King. In the back of the program was a photo accopmanying an article on the young actor playing the lead in The Curious Incident Of the Dog in the Night Time.

I said, “Look, there’s a play about a boy who loves prime numbers as much as you do.”

C smiled, then said, “But everyone loves prime numbers.”

I said, “No. Not everyone loves prime numbers. In fact, a lot of people have trouble remembering their prime numbers.”

He looked at me like I had three heads. And even though three is prime, this did not make him happy. So I added, “Only this boy and you like prime numbers, which means you two must be very, very special people.”

He seemed to like that. He looked at the photo in the program and touched the boy’s face. He smiled and said, “This boy and I are prime people.”