Two resolutions

M and C, twin brothers, playing electronic devices next to each other

M and C enjoy a little screen time

I don’t generally believe in New Year’s resolutions, but this year I have two.

1: Be more patient with M

C’s non-autistic twin, M, is what you’d call a Big Personality Kid—he can take over a room with his presence. And yet, through all the tumult of our lives, all the health and developmental issues, I’ve expected this little boy to toe the line, to make life easy—to avoid adding to the chaos. That’s unfair to any kid, let alone one who’s gone through as much as he has.

2: Take care of my health

I haven’t had a physical in four years. I haven’t had a real feet-up vacation in about a decade. That’s nonsense. It’s not good for me, and it’s not good for my family. First, I’m going to make an appointment with my GP. Second, I’m making a three-year plan: there will be a Real Vacation by 2019 come hell or high water. Or both.

So, what are your resolutions?


  1. I recently have gone on a tear of obtaining medical care, after years of more or less never going in unless something major was bothering me. I got a physical, got my eyes checked, and am not letting the annoying pain in my knee “just go” in the hopes it will get better eventually. It is a bit of a chore seeing the doctor, but the reassurances of having the checkups are pretty relieving, especially as I get a bit older.

  2. Think about San Miguel de Allende! And other layabout beautiful places far from the maddening crowd and bravo on the health issue !