I’ve written about this before, recently even. But it’s worth repeating.

There’s a different C that most people don’t see, and this is the C who comes out when it’s quiet. I mean, really quiet. And not just when it’s quiet, but when we’re quiet.

Instead of unresponsiveness, C answers. Instead of silly talk, he is frank and funny, and sometimes poetic. For example, just after I took the photo above I asked him what he was doing (he was so intent and still, very unusual for him), and he said, “I’m listening to the quiet.”

Quiet. It’s hard to come by. But it’s worth it when you can find it.


  1. Good for him! We should ALL take time and “listen to the quiet”. So very insightful. Thank you for sharing your observations of his beautiful “insightfullness”.

  2. Your reflections on C usually tickle up a well-received reflection on someone in MY life, a someone who responds well to quiet, a someone who responds well to a certain sort of connection.

    In my professional life, I am used to bending one way or another to work with someone who operates in a different fashion than I do, and am oft reminded of a team-building weekend where The Team answered questions and divvied ourselves up into groups along the lines of extraverts and introverts and all laughed heartily when the exercise leader said that introverts need about 10 minutes to respond and extroverts usually start talking again after five.

    I don’t always grant this same leeway to those in my personal life and I thank you and C for reminding me to do so.

  3. Terrific observations by a terrific parent of a terrific kid. And your wife ain’t bad either. I’m so thankful you and he could find the quiet to listen to. And that you could report on the moment so elegantly. Thanks also for passing on what turned out to be a moment of quiet in my day. Once again, I’m inspired by your family and your parenting.