Assume Awareness


Today is World Autism Awareness Day, so here’s what I’ve learned about awareness over the past couple of years: my son with autism is very aware.

He’s aware of me, he’s aware of you. He’s aware of a lot more than he lets on.

He might appear distracted, aloof, in his own world; he might not answer when spoken to; he might chatter on seemingly oblivious to whether we’re listening or not.

But rest assured: he’s taking it in, this frenetic, loud world. If you get to know him, you’ll see the signs, hear the words that demonstrate this awareness.

And that’s another part of it: will you take his apparent lack of awareness as a sign that he doesn’t want to connect? Or will you take a moment to say hello, acknowledge his existence, even if it doesn’t come with an immediate payoff? Because, trust me: he’s aware of your efforts (and so are we).

So, for this Autism Awareness Day, I’d like to suggest we all assume awareness.


  1. Andrea Miller-Chan April 3, 2014 at 7:38 am

    I will always say hello; and in that hello exchange is so very much. Sometimes it is funny, goofy, silly. Always it says ‘I see you, I care very very much about you, I see that you are different and I respect that; I am so grateful that you are in my life and sometimes you reach out for a hug which never fails to melt my heart’ …so much all loaded in one little word ‘ hello’
    Everyone should say ‘ hello’

  2. blessings on you all. I can just picture you walking in the park in this time of early spring and noticing the budding trees and flowers. Hugs!
    Mame Gorman