An Incomplete Picture


In a few hours we’ll be meeting with the neuropsychologist who has just completed a weeks long, detailed evaluation of our son, the purpose of which will be to help us (and the DOE) determine the best path forward for his education and, to some extent, his life.

C’s had evaluations in the past, and while there’s often some very nice stuff reported, there’s a lot of stuff that’s very hard to hear…stuff that would fill any parent with anxiety and despair.

And yet, today, as I wait to hear the results of the most extensive evaluation he’s had to date, I’m feeling surprisingly (to me, at least) calm.

I’ve learned that no evaluation paints a complete portrait of my son. No evaluation can capture the amazing, wonderful bits of his personality that will never come out in a controlled setting like a psychological evaluation, but which pop up every few minutes during everyday life.

So, yeah: this evaluation is going to be difficult and gut-wrenching. But there’s no way I’ll let it change my opinion of my boy.


  1. Recovery is possible – may not be what you want to hear – because it means having hope and working for it – but your son is worth it!

    The standard of care does not consider or attempt recovery – but many out there do – check people like Kerri Rivera, check out neurofeedback, checkout movement therapy, find an integrative pediatrician who is out of the box – you will be happily surprised at what is possible.

    Many blessings!

    • I appreciate the sentiment, Jackie, but my son doesn’t need recovering, even if there really was such a thing which there isn’t. My son is neurologically different, not infected, diseased or damaged. And even if he were in need of recovery, I would only seek treatments that are scientifically validated.

      As to your assertion that I don’t have hope for my son, and that I’m somehow not willing to work for him, that’s just patently insulting.

  2. Your opinion of your son cannot be changed by an evaluation. Your posts have always reflected the love, hope, and acceptance you have for C. The joy he brings you is reflected in your vignettes. Professional evaluations are a necessity and they can be heart wrenching, but your support of C is what will make the biggest difference for him.