Help Find Avonte Oquendo


For over a week now, Avonte Oquendo has been missing. He’s 14, nonverbal, autistic. His family and community are devastated.

Avonte Oquendo wearing the same shirt he was in when he disappeared.

Electronic billboards in NYC show his photo above subway entrances; pleas for commuters to keep an eye out are broadcast over subway PA systems; and groups and individuals have begun posting flyers around the five boroughs.

And yet there’s no sign of this handsome boy who walked out of his school October 4th. (No one at the school reported his disappearance for at least an hour.)

I hope Avonte comes home to his family soon.

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  1. I have an autistic son who is the same age as Avonte. Every time I see a picture of Avonte, I see my own son, and my heart aches. I can’t imagine what his family must be going through–their grief must be indescribable. I have kept him in my prayers every day, and hope he is found alive and healthy, and SOON.