Labeling It

Here’s a moment of pure, unadulterated joy. The twins (C on the left, M on the right) seem to be growing closer lately. Part of it may be more intensive group play during C’s ABA therapy, but I suspect another reason is that we’ve begun to explain to M what is happening with his brother.

We’ve identified it simply as “C’s ASD,” and it’s a label we use to explain things both confusing and wonderful. In some ways, M seems to be adopting the role of big brother (even though he’s actually four minutes younger): he’s become more affectionate and attentive toward C and, at times, intensely protective. Giving C’s autism a label, without going into too much detail, seems to be demystifying it for M, turning a frightening unknown into an understandable known.

It raises the question, of course: how and when do we introduce this label to C? When would he even understand it?

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  1. My oldest niece’s cousin is autistic, and her mom (my sister-in-law) thought that even at the age of three that my niece knew or could sense that something was different about her cousin (my sister-in-law’s younger brother who is a teenager). I wonder when my niece who is now five, and my other niece (her sister) who is three, will come to know and understand what asd is, just like M. is coming to learn about C.