October 2012 Links

I’d hoped to post these before October was over, but Hurricane Sandy slowed me down a bit. Nonetheless, here are some interesting links I’ve run across in the past month.

  • An amazing 60 Minutes video showing how apps have transformed communication for people with severe autism.
  • Fear of flying with a child on the spectrum? Here’s a New York Times piece that offers some very helpful information. (We have yet to fly with C.)
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy: the latest fad ‘treatment’ for autism with almost no science to back it up.
  • A father comes to understand that his ASD son does have an imagination, even though it’s different than what’s typically considered ‘imaginative.’
  • The new DSM-V criteria may leave children behind; the author posits that it may be time to move beyond labels.
  • Regression may mark one-third of autism cases. We experienced it; did you?

In other news, we’ve received final legal approval for our autism app designed to help parents understand signs and symptoms. Hopefully it will be available in the iTunes store later this month (for free, of course).

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