The Invitation

A special treat: this post was written by my wife.

It’s an invitation to play.

C offers me one of two cars he has in his hands. “Mommy plays black car.” Black car and red car cruise along the banister and crash!

We smile and do it again.

A day later, C comes up to me with two boats, one green, one orange. He hands me the orange one. “Mommy’s boat.” It takes me a second because I’m not used to this. I’m on the phone. I hang up and we sail our boats around the coffee table.

Then it hits me: orange is my favorite color. We talk about favorite colors.

I am suddenly aware of how far C has come: less that a year ago, he just pushed vehicles back and forth; today we’re pretending to sail boats at the beach.

Our interactions are short and simple, but they happen. They are less impressive — but far more important — than memorized lists of spelled words and counting backward.

C wants to play with his Mommy, he laughs with Daddy. He asks to get into M’s crib and sit with him. Last night C couldn’t sleep so he came into our bed. We stared at each other for a long time. This is also new.

I said, “I love you more than one hundred, C.” He smiled.

Today at lunch we sat across the table from each other, just the two of us.

He mumbled, “Mommy I love you more than one hundred.” I jumped in with an eager, “Well I love you more than two hundred! More than three hundred!“

He was impressed. There was a long pause.

“I love Mommy more than four hundred.”

This kid keeps upping the ante.

And he keeps winning.


  1. I love that he continues to amaze and surprise you both. What a great gift those moments are. I hope that you feel that it makes all the caregiving worth it….it’s a great return to you. May you have many many more of these moments.

  2. I am trying to help my son see the value of ‘the moment’ (rather than stressing about what happened before or what might be coming around the corner) as a way to appreciate and be grateful everyday. We have a game where we hit the PAUSE button. All activity stops. We let that moment of joy or gratitude feeling sink in and be absorbed into our pores. The PAUSE action works because it focuses attention on the littlest details that would otherwise go unnoticed. As humans we so often move through these moments instead of basking in them.
    Last night, when you held each others gaze and felt the love radiate between and through you, you had a PAUSE moment. Hold it. Savor it. The pause moments await you everyday.

  3. Georgi Silverman June 13, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    So very touching and I am so thrilled for you both that Colin is reaching out and making contact. Very exciting. We love you all so much!


  4. Thank you. A glimpse into such moments is an honor and a treasure. You and M just live your ordinary lives…but you are giving us a prism through which we on the outside can view our own lives and find new things to appreciate. I’ll just wander off and find some tissues now…..

  5. Wow… I followed a link from facebook over here (thanks Jessica) and I was just blown away by the invitation you just gave me, to take a look at what writing from the heart is all about, and what courage is all about, and how, what so many of us take for granted in our daily stroll through life becomes such a precious gift to you guys.
    Thank you that was beautiful.

  6. This has got to be the most joyous post that I’ve read on your site. I think it’s because it was easy to envision. Beautifully crafted – loved every detail. Especially, how perceptive and thoughtful C was to give you the orange boat.