Breaking the Bank

Tonight M (my neurotypical son) said, “I want to go to the bank with my piggy bank and get a lot of money to give to you so you can stay home with C all the time and I can play with Mommy all the time.” His words stand as a reminder to me: never underestimate how much these little ones pick up, how aware they are of what’s happening around them.


  1. I’ve been reminded by Henry lately that there is so much going on in his head, and that I totally underestimate it. This sounds like a good example of similar “deep thoughts” from M. I guess the the way to swing this back around is there is just as much going on in C’s head, but that he’s just that much less likely to express it in words? Some of M’s behavior is just classic kid, as I can attest from Henry asking me to go away and let Mommy take care of him 😉

  2. Yes, I agree, @Daniel. In fact, C has been surprising me with his insights. The big difference, however, is that C’s insights are of a far more literal, less inventive nature; this may belie a deeper imagination, or simply be another typical manifestation of ASD. Nonetheless, it’s clear that the wheels are turning and churning in C’s head as well, and that he too is aware of things to a greater degree than one might always suspect given his age.