A Different World

What world does C inhabit? How different is it from my own? How much overlap is there? Can he be in both places at once?

Yes, I’m aware that we all perceive the world in different ways, but what is becoming clear to me is that C doesn’t simply have a different perception of the world, he inhabits a different world altogether.

C’s reality may be the result of mixed signals, tangled wires, a garbled transmission; but his world is as real to him as my own is to me.

He doesn’t see his world as unreal or surreal; he doesn’t even see it as different. That’s my issue, my perception, my desire to have him see things how I see them. (And isn’t that what most parents hope for, if they’re really honest about it?)

Instead of trying to do some sort of psychic airlift, pulling him out of his reality and into my own, I will try instead to understand his world, and in doing so hopefully help him navigate the one I inhabit.

Wish me luck.


  1. Victoria Moshiashwili April 23, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I’m also the parent of a sweet, beautiful, tousled-haired, just-turned-three-year-old boy who is obssessed with the alphabet. He’s also a skinny little guy with giant blue eyes, and he’s never without his cloth dog. In other words, C reminds me a lot of my son, although Benji is neurotypical.

    Your posts are always inspiring to me, but this one moves me almost to tears. C is so lucky to have been born into your family. Your readers are so lucky that you are willing to share your personal journey with C so eloquently.

    Thank you.


  2. The fact that you acknowledge the difference in your worlds and you acknowledge that you can only help him navigate this crazy world we call “normal” instead of insist he embrace or change him to our reality, means to me that, indeed as Victoria said: “C is so lucky to be born into your family”. Peace to all of you…

  3. You are being forced to learn lessons now, that parents sometimes never learn. We each are the world differently and are only looking for acceptance in the way we see it. The difference here is that it will tak more patience for you to guide C’s understanding of that. I applaud you, many parents never get to your realization.